Victorian Tumour Summits


Victorian Tumour Summits (the summits) are clinician-led forums to identify unwarranted variations in tumour-based clinical practice and cancer outcomes that could be addressed through state-wide action. 

Multidisciplinary clinical working parties are formed to guide the planning of each summit, oversee data analysis and presentation, and guide the refinement of recommendations. 

Clinical working parties comprise cancer clinicians based in metropolitan, rural and regional settings. 

The summits are overseen by a Steering Committee who are responsible for leadership, project implementation and oversight and communication of project outcomes.  The membership comprises VICS and Department of Health – Cancer Support Treatment and Research team members.

Steering Committee (October 2021)

Ms Karen Botting (DoH)   Ms Spiri Galetakis (DoH)  Prof Jeremy Millar (SMICS) 
A/Prof Paul Mitchell, Chair, (NEMICS)  Ms Alison Patrick (BSWRICS)  Ms Seleena Sherwell (SMICS) 
Stewart Harper (GRICS) Dr Craig Underhill (HRICS)  Dr Zee Wan Wong (SMICS) 
Dishan Herath (WCMICS)    





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Reproduced from page 47, Victorian cancer plan 2020-2024 

Victorian Tumour Summits 
Victorian Tumour Summits are multidisciplinary clinician-led forums. They identify and address unwarranted variations in tumour-based clinical practice and cancer outcomes. The Summits review the current state of tumour-based care, population trends and clinical outcomes. 

The Summits provide a way for clinicians to analyse variations in care. They then recommend activities and outcomes to address variations during the rollout of the OCPs. Using this priority approach, the Summits enable improvements at scale for the benefit of more people using Victorian health services. 

Summits on prostate, oesophagogastric, colorectal (bowel), lung, pancreatic and head and neck cancers have already informed OCP rollout. Importantly, they have identified quality improvement activities to reduce unwarranted variation in care. 

'Effort should be put into doing consistently what we already know works well.' 
Victorian Tumour Summits e-newsletter special editions:

Victorian Tumour Summits is funded by the Department of Health – Cancer Support Treatment and Research (DH – CSTAR) and Victorian Integrated Cancer Services (VICS)
and delivered in collaboration with Cancer Council Victoria – Clinical Network

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