Shared care 

Breast shared care initiatives in our region provide:

  •     Safe, coordinated follow-up care shared between general practices and specialists
  •     Improved access to supportive care after treatment completion
  •     More patient-centred, flexible care for people with co-morbidities
  •     Increased capacity for new patients in outpatient clinics.

Breast cancer shared care is offered at Austin Health, Northern Health and Eastern Health.  

Austin Health Breast care nurse specialist 
Eastern Health Breast care nurse
Northern Health Breast care nurse

Colorectal cancer shared care was piloted at Eastern Health and Monash Health in partnership with SMICS and the Primary Health Networks. 
The pilot concluded in October 2019. The shared care service has continued at Monash Health.  
For outcomes and key learnings, see attached executive summary. 



Austin Health Haematology Survivorship Clinic

The haematology survivorship clinic provides holistic assessment and referral to a range of wellness and community services.  They have delivered projects investigating a nutrition intervention following stem cell transplantation and the impact of computer brain training on cancer-related cognitive changes.  



Prostate Cancer Survivorship Clinic

Austin Health received a NEMICS service improvement grant to improve care provided to men after prostate cancer.  Targeting men treated with radiotherapy, this initiative provides holistic assessment, care planning and care coordination at end of treatment.

Contact: Carla.D'


Eastern Health Breast Service survivorship care planning

Eastern Health are establishing health and wellbeing care planning for women who have completed treatment.

Contact: Mary-Anne Dennemoser


Carrington Health Good Life Cancer Survivorship Program

Carrington Health, a community health service in Box Hill have established a new Good Life Cancer Survivorship Program with support from a Department of Health and Human Services Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program grant.  A partnership project with Eastern Health and NEMICS, the service provides allied health interventions to people with/after cancer.  With access to services including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics and counselling, the service assists people to get back to life after cancer and to maximise function and quality of life for people living with cancer.


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