NEMICS health services: survivorship initiatives

Austin Health

Haematology late effects and healthy living clinic
Austin Health haematology service provides a nurse-led late effects and healthy living clinic. 

Endocrine breast cancer clinic
Dedicated clinic addressing survivorship issues (including bone health, menopausal symptoms and cardiovascular risk management) in women who are prescribed adjuvant endocrine therapy.  The clinic enables translational and clinical research in ER/PR+ breast cancer and  links to wellness centre acupuncture, massage and psychology services.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Contact:

Wellness Centre  services

- Supportive care and group interventions accessible to people living with/beyond cancer.  Programs include: mindfulness meditation, relaxation,  yoga, support groups and educational groups.
-  Live Well Program: evidence-based group program promoting emotional wellbeing, diet and exercise after cance

Brain tumour support group

Olivia Newton John Cancer and Wellness Centre (ONJCWC) information lounge
The information lounge provides an excellent range of electronic and paper-based information resources for people at all stages in the cancer journey.



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