Supportive care

From the time of diagnosis, people living with cancer can experience a range of physical, psychological, social, informational and existential challenges.  Assisting people to identify and address supportive care challenges can enable improved physical and emotional wellbeing, and satisfaction with treatment and care.

The NEMICS region is home to a range of hospital, community health and support services that can help people affected by cancer address their supportive care needs.  NEMICS is working to improve equity of access to high quality supportive care across our member health services. 

Victorian context

Victorian policy supports the establishment of models of care that systematically identify, discuss and address patient-identified problems related supportive care needs.  The DHHS Supportive Care Policy outlines its strategic directions:

  •     Identifying the supportive care needs of people affected by cancer
  •     Capacity building for optimal supportive care
  •     Implementing supportive care screening as routine practice
  •     Addressing supportive care needs – referral and linkage

The Victorian Cancer Plan highlights the importance of having support available throughout cancer diagnostic and treatment pathways and in the post-treatment phase. 

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