Planning for optimal service configuration

We are continuing to work with our health service partners to develop optimal service configuration that will support access to all levels and types of cancer care within our region. By doing this work we aim to increase the proportion of people living in our region who are treated in our region. Increasing the awareness of the services available in our region is an important first step. 

Service map

A map of all cancer and support service locations has been updated and clinically validated in 2019 and can be downloaded below. 

It provides a snapshot of

  • location and access arrangements for services not on-site
  • includes public and private providers of cancer care
  • general service or oncology specific service
  • full onsite service, or a partial service or sessional appointments 

The service map is available to the NEMICS network partners to inform a common understanding of cancer service provision in the region.  This document is intended for use as a service planning tool. It will also enable providers to identify where opportunities exist to improve current service provision. The map will be updated as changes occur.

The map aids in assessing the levels of service in the region against key clinical and physical services  described in the Optimal Care Pathways and supports the development of defined referral pathways for sub-specialist services.



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