Referral processes to palliative care

Increasing evidence from around the world shows that access to palliative care can improve quality of life and survival for people with cancer

The timeliness of referral to palliative care for people with metastatic cancer has been identified as an area for improvement in Victoria. This issue was raised at the lung and pancreatic cancer Tumour Summits and has been recognised as a priority by other stakeholders such as the DHHS and Safer Care Victoria.

This project aims to increase the number of people with metastatic or progressing cancer who receive an appropriate and timely referral to palliative care
What we've done so far

A region-wide project steering group has been formed with representation from palliative care, medical oncology, consumers and a community palliative care provider. We have started by doing literature searches, medical record audits and local process mapping with clinicians and other stakeholders. We will identify opportunities for local improvements in referral processes to palliative care for people with cancer. 

A project update will be made available in late 2019.

For further information please email Lena Elkman, Project Manager, or phone 03 9496 3712


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