This section includes pages for you and your health care team to record and store the relevant information related to your specific cancer treatment.

TIP – Recording treatment-related information will help you and your family/friends to remember details such as:

  • the type/name of the treatment you are having or have had
  • important dates such as operation dates and when treatment started/stopped
  • who you were treated by
  • what you need to be aware of during and following treatment
  • symptoms/side effects of treatment
Click on the links below to fill in or print extra pages for your My Cancer Care Record folder:

Treatment related side effects and symptoms
Chemotherapy/drug therapy: things to record
Radiotherapy: things to record
Surgery: things to record
Other treatment: things to record

Active surveillance: information
Active surveillance: things to record
Cancer clinical trials: information
Cancer clinical trials: things to record
Complementary and alternative therapies: information 
Complementary and alternative therapies: things to record
Hormone therapy: information
Hormone therapy: things to record
Palliative care: information
Palliative care: things to record
Stem cell (bone marrow) transplantation: information
Stem cell (bone marrow) transplantation: things to record

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