Tests and results

Keeping your test results/reports is a good idea so that:

  • ü you can remember the dates and results of tests and compare them to old results
  • ü you can keep track of scans/investigations you have had and where these were done
  • ü you can show these reports/results to members of your healthcare team

Tests are done so that your health care team can be sure of your
cancer type, to work out the best treatment for you and to see how treatments are affecting you.  Tests can include blood tests or scans such as an MRI or CT scan.  Sometimes they can be procedures
such as a biopsy or a colonoscopy.

Test results are usually given to the doctor who ordered the test.
In most cases it is possible for you to have a copy of the results,
just ask your doctor or health care professional.

You may wish to record your test results in the table provided. 

Click on the link below to fill in or print extra pages for your
My Cancer Care Record folder: 

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