Extra pages

Click on the links below to fill in or print extra pages for your My Cancer Care Record folder:

Health summary

Personal details and contact information
GP and health cover details
Allergies and alerts
Family history of cancer
Medical history: current and past health conditions/problems
Medical history: past operations, procedures, hospital attendances
Cancer details
Cancer clinical trials
Advance care plan and personal preferences
Other useful personal information
Vaccinations and immunisations

Medication Medication summary table
Contacts Health care contacts
Urgent medical situations and relevant contacts
Hospital details and record numbers
Appointments Appointment notes
Tests and results Tests and test results


Treatment related side effects/symptoms
Chemotherapy/drug therapy: things to record
Radiotherapy: things to record
Surgery: things to record
Other treatment: things to record

Active surveillance: information
Active surveillance: things to record
Cancer clinical trials: information
Cancer clinical trials: things to record
Complementary and alternative therapies: information
Complementary and alternative therapies: things to record
Hormone therapy: information
Hormone therapy: things to record
Palliative care: information
Palliative care: things to record
Stem cell (bone marrow) transplantation: information
Stem cell (bone marrow) transplantation: things to record

Financial and legal Medical and treatment related costs
Travel related costs
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