Rollout of MDM quality framework

Optimal cancer care includes multidisciplinary treatment planning for all newly diagnosed patients. In the 2018/19 financial year across NEMICS health services, there were 12,494 treatment planning discussions in 1,175 meeting occasions. 

The MDM Quality Framework was developed to define the elements of quality for MDMs. The framework is the product of consultation and review, lead by Loddon Mallee ICS and endorsed by all Victorian ICS. In 2019, the framework was used as the assessment tool for an audit of MDMs by health services, coordinated by Loddon Mallee ICS and funded by DHHS.

The aim of the coordinated audit was to implement the MDM quality framework by conducting a baseline audit. It is anticipated that this will lead to identifying and prioritising a series of improvement activities relating to MDM inputs, processes and outputs.

A report of the audit results for the NEMICS region is being prepared in collaboration with health services.


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