Regional service planning

Read the full planning workshop report here

NEMICS conducted a region-wide service planning workshop on Friday 11th October 2019, with 41 people attending from across the region.  There was a great deal of enthusiasm at the workshop and commitment to improving cancer service provision in the NEMICS region.  

The consumer perspective was a strong theme during discussions and planning exercises throughout the workshop.

The purpose of the workshop was to: Explore strategic opportunities through collaboration to improve the patient experience and self-sufficiency in the NEMICS region.  

Self-sufficiency is defined as a patient with cancer receiving all of their care from health services within the geographic NEMICS region. NEMICS is seeking to lessen the outflow of patients leaving the region for cancer services in other regions.

Opportunities were identified at the workshop that could be managed by health services alone, in collaboration with one or two others, or would benefit from NEMICS assistance with a region-wide approach. 

NEMICS will be developing a work plan for action in the new year with opportunities arising from the workshop to be incorporated into the work plan.  The NEMICS team will liaise with key stakeholders within the health service organisations to further explore the ideas raised at the workshop.


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