My Cancer Care Record (My CCR) was the focus of a "hackathon" held at IBM's Technology Park at Ballarat this July. Consumers from NEMICS and GICS worked with program staff to present the issues related to the vast amounts of information that patients need to deal with to be able to be active partners in their cancer care, especially during diagnosis and treatment.

Four teams of volunteers worked intensively over a weekend on their solutions. After a series of opportunities for the team members to ask follow up questions of the consumers, the products of their work was presented and assessed. The judging was based on creativity, innovation, usability and resulting solution.

What the teams produced was an exciting collection of ideas that included options for safe storage, recall and opportunities to share critical information. This includes text to speech, speech to text, sharing of information by a patient ahead of an appointment and an App that links with a Fitbit. Functions that were included in the solutions include appointment reminders, aids to help a patient/carer track whether medication was taken and the capacity to scan and store documents and images.

This event has created a buzz around My CCR and some of the solutions are likely to be involved in the digital-ready phase of the project.


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