Network information

The North Eastern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (NEMICS) takes a population-based approach to the planning and provision of cancer care services. The pages in this section provide statistical information about the NEMICS region and its inhabitants. The NEMICS directorate continues to explore existing operational and administrative data sources to help build a picture of the residents of the NEMICS region. This will help both to monitor what is happening in the region and to plan for the best cancer care services.

Funded by the Department of Health & Human Services, NEMICS in conjunction with other eight integrated cancer services form the Cancer Clinical Network for Victoria. The vision for the cancer clinical network is:  Improving patient experiences and outcomes by connecting cancer care and driving best practice.

The strategic goals for the network are:

  1. A networked cancer care system
  2. High quality cancer care
  3. A research-informed cancer care system

Read the ICS Strategic Goals


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