Governance Committee

The NEMICS Governance Committee provides leadership and vision. It's key role is to support and provide oversight for the development and ongoing operations of NEMICS. It promotes and facilitates a sustainable model for collaboration and partnership between our stakeholders to achieve policy and strategic goals.

The Committee meets four times a year and is chaired by Mr. Siva Sivarajah, Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Health. The Committee is comprised of health service CEOs, consumer and primary care representatives, and senior clinical and management representatives from each participating health service,

Current membership:


Discipline / Role on Governance Committee

Mr Siva Sivarajah

  1. Chair
  2. Chief Executive Officer, Northern Health

Mr Adam Horsburgh

Health Service Interim CEO and Host Agency, Austin Health

Dr Frances Barnett

Director Oncology, Northern Health

Ms Cherie Cheshire

Director, Cancer & Neurosciences, Austin Health

Dr Trish Hough

General Practitioner, Eastern PHN

Dr. Simon Hyde

Head of gynae oncology, Mercy Health

Mr Ray Kelly

Chair, NEMICS Consumer Reference Group

Ms Naida Lumsden

Deputy Program Director Women’s & Children’s Services, Mercy Health

Associate Professor Paul Mitchell

NEMICS Director, Medical Oncologist, Austin Health

Dr Phillip Parente

Director Cancer Services, Eastern Health

Mr Jason Payne

Chief Executive Health Services, Chief Operating Officer, Mercy Health

Adjunct Professor David Plunkett

Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Health

Ms Katherine Simons

NEMICS Program Manager

Ms Maria Tucker

Divisional Director, Nursing, Cancer Services, Northern Health

Dr Andrew Weickhardt

Medical Oncologist, Austin Health





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