Partnering with consumers

Consumers offer a special perspective that is distinctly different from that of health professionals.  Members of the Consumer Reference Group offer an authentic, genuine and credible voice to the NEMICS network.  To extend the good working relationship and enhance consumer contribution to the work of the NEMICS network the directorate hosted a co-design workshop with consumers.

In a very productive session participants built a common understanding about what can be changed to create better exchange of value and identified points in the current project planning processes where consumers’ input can be enhanced.

What makes the consumer perspective unique, is the first-hand existential experience of cancer and the experience of cancer service delivery with all the interactions that that entails. The consumer perspective is crucial as health services and the NEMICS network projects may be well intentioned in the pursuit of safe and high quality of care but also need to consider the direct impact on the consumer experience, outcomes and choice.

Over the years members of the NEMICS Consumer Reference Group have been proactive and very successful in creating positive impact on cancer patients’ experience of care. Through this workshop a number of practical actions have been identified that will ensure early involvement of consumers in evaluating ideas for new initiatives and create more opportunities for informal and formal interactions.

We would like to thank the NEMICS consumers for participating in this workshop and contributing generously their ideas and time.

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