Colorectal Cancer Summit 2018

2018 CRC Summit videos below.

Read the progress on the 2014 Colorectal Cancer Summit outcomes, Optimal Care Pathway implementation efforts and colorectal cancer data (2011-2015) in our related documents below.

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The clinical working party co-chaired by Mr Brian Hodgkins and Dr Geoff Chong was re-formed to oversee the Victorian Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Summit for 2018. Over 60 multidisciplinary colorectal cancer clinicians attended the 2nd CRC Summit in Melbourne on 16 March.  

Discussion topics were:

  • How are we tracking with colorectal cancer multidisciplinary care in Victoria?
  • The quality of colorectal cancer care in Victoria: review of data
  • Developments in screening, colonoscopies and early diagnosis of colorectal cancer

2018 Colorectal Cancer Summit Videos

Summits are usually filmed to provide ongoing resources for clinicians.

Professor Robert Thomas, Chair, Australia's Cancer Advisory Council, opened the summit:


Ms Kathryn Whitfield, Assistant Director of Cancer Strategy and Development at the Department of Health and Human Services, provided an update on progress since the 2014 Colorectal Summit:


Working party cochair Mr Brian Hodgkins, Colorectal Surgeon, Monash Health, presented colorectal cancer data (2011-2015):


Dr Zee Wan Wong, Peninsula Health; Mr Brian Hodgkins, Monash Health; working party cochair Dr Geoff Chong, NEMICS & GICS, spoke on clinician-led initiatives to investigate and improve variations:

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