OG cancer-service redesign program

The Department of Health and Human Services - Cancer Strategy and Development and Integrated Cancer Services (ICS) are offering funding to support redesign activities to improve the timeliness of care from receipt of referral to commencement of treatment for people with oesophagogastric cancer in Victoria.  Nine health services that provide care to more than 40 patients with oesophagogastric cancer per year have been identified.  These are: Alfred Health, Austin Health, Barwon Health, Bendigo Health, Eastern Health, Melbourne Health, Monash Health. Western Health and St Vincent's Health.

This funding program is an adjunct to implementation of the Optimal Care Pathway for People with Oesophagogastric Cancer – a focus for 2018. Both programs are working towards the same outcomes of meeting the timeframes set out in steps two to four of the optimal care pathway and increasing the proportion of patients who have their treatment planned in a multidisciplinary meeting.

This is a unique opportunity to make an impact on the experience and outcomes of Victorians diagnosed with oesophagogastric cancer. A coordinated redesign of care at eligible health services, coupled with the similar ICS-led efforts at smaller health services, provides a real chance of achieving optimal timeframes.

The first OG redesign Community of Practice is scheduled for Tuesday 20 March 2018.  Full details available here.

For further information contact the OG Redesign Project Manager, Melissa Shand 

OG redesign program: February 2018 Update

For an update on progress with oesophagogastric cancer summit actions, see here.

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