Supportive care grants program

Initiated in 2009, the grants program supports health services to systematically identify and address supportive care problems reported by people with cancer.

Initial project grants aims:

  • Implement systematic problem identification using the NCCN Distress Thermometer and Problem Checklist. 
  • Target newly diagnosed patients.
  • Engage day oncology units, radiotherapy units and inpatient cancer wards to implement screening, discussion, triage and referral.

Phase 2 projects aims:

  • Consolidate screening in above areas.
  • Screen in selected outpatient specialist clinics and private radiotherapy services.

** For phase 1 and 2 evaluation reports, contact Paula Howell

Phase 3 project aims: 

  • Work towards sustaining supportive care provision across health services that have reached KPI targets.
  • Extend systematic approaches to delivering supportive care to new patient areas.
  • Build capacity at health services that are continuing to work towards targets.
  • Support clinical education units to embed provision of supportive care education.
  • Mentor clinical champions.


Sustainability funding was granted to Northern Health to:

  • Embed screening with public patients accessing Radiation Oncology Victoria in Epping.
  • Pilot screening using tablet technology that enables direct entering of data into the patient medical record.
  • Consolidate screening across oncology services where screening is already in place

Eastern Health has also been granted a further 12 months of sustainability funding commencing in October 2015.  Aims include:

  • Introducing screening in outpatient clinic areas and developing a sustainable model for outpatient screening
  • Consolidating screening in inpatient and day oncology units
  • Finalising and implementing Module 2 i-learn supportive care e-learning package.


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