Supportive care

From diagnosis, people living with cancer can experience a range of physical, psychological, social, informational and existential challenges.  Assisting people to identify and address supportive care challenges can enable improved physical and emotional wellbeing, and satisfaction with treatment and care (Jones et al. 2011).

NEMICS approach to cancer supportive care

The NEMICS region is home to a range of hospital, community health and support services that can assist individuals to address supportive care needs.  NEMICS supportive care network assists acute health services to systematically identify and address individual's supportive care problems.

Victorian context

Victorian policy supports a model of screening, discussion, triage and referral that encompasses patient identified problems across five domains of supportive care.  The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services Supportive Care Policy (Providing optimal cancer care 2009) outlines four key strategic directions:

  • Identifying the supportive care needs of people affected by cancer.
  • Capacity building for optimal supportive care.
  • Implementing supportive care screening as routine practice.
  • Addressing supportive care needs – referral and linkage

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