Background of regional service planning program

The NEMICS annual workshop in February 2012 focussed on regional planning for cancer services. There was general agreement to work towards a more patient-centred and population-based approach, where health services collaborate to achieve better cancer care provision.

In 2013–2014 there was a review of the configuration and capability of cancer services and support services in the NEMICS region. There will be a focus on reviewing and streamlining access and referral pathways, and service capability assessments to ensure optimal patient pathways are in place.

Included in the project scope are:

  • All public and private providers of cancer services in the NEMICS region
  • All patients treated in the NEMICS region
  • Cancer surgical services and specialist cancer services located in the NEMICS region
  • Cancer support services located in the acute setting in the NEMICS region.

A service map for the region and a review of referral pathways for some cancer services were identified as the first steps.

Service map: Location of cancer services and cancer support services in the NEMICS region

There is a regional, clinically validated service location map across all acute public and private health services at campus level in the NEMICS region.

The full version of the map provides comments linked to cells where further information on the level of service is presented. The services map - summary provides a snapshot of the location and level of service (i.e. whether there is a general service or oncology specific service, and whether it is a full onsite service, or a partial service or sessional appointments).

The map is available to the NEMICS network partners to address the issue that there is a lack of common understanding about cancer service provision in the region. The map is a live document and is intended for use as a service planning tool, and will also enable providers to identify where opportunities exist to improve current provision.

The map is one of several inputs to assess levels of service in the region against key quality and safety drivers and support the development of defined referral pathways for sub-specialist services. This work will link with the service capability framework currently being developed the Victorian Department of Health.   

Health service capability profiles

The service map is supported by a series of service profiles that provide information on annual activity and capacity; an analysis of patients using public and private cancer services; and an assessment of regional service gaps and priorities (as applicable).

Health service profiles are been developed for the following cancer services:

  • The chemotherapy health service profile reviews capacity, access, and level of service of each of the 10 public and private provider’s day oncology units in the NEMICS region.
  • The radiotherapy health service profile reviews capacity, access, and level of service of each of the two public and two private provider’s Radiation Oncology Units in the NEMICS region.
  • The surgical oncology health service profile provides an assessment of surgical oncology services and key quality indicators for oncology surgical procedures. The profile also shows key results from a survey on the configuration of tumour resection sites in the NEMICS region, undertaken by surgeons working in oncology over October 2013.
  • The cancer support services health service profile identifies information gaps and planning priorities for select cancer support services.

Clinical colleagues are continuing to be engaged to agree on an approach to addressing any gaps and issues identified.

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