MDM evaluation program

NEMICS has set out to create a quality improvement process for multidisciplinary treatment planning meetings through a program of evaluation and feedback.

The evaluation process covers 4 aspects:

  • CANMAP activity measures, including comparisons from previous periods and completion rates for selected fields
  • questionnaire responses from all team members, seeking opinions about aspects of meeting organisation and structure
  • an observational audit, where a team member observes group dynamics and processes during one meeting using a structured framework
  • results from the most recent DH performance indicator audit to measure access to multidisciplinary treatment planning for newly diagnosed patients

Highlights of the evaluation are presented to the team during a meeting and the full report is made available. Recommendations for any improvement opportunities are supported by the health service based service improvement facilitator.

It is important that the multidisciplinary teams are interested and engaged in the evaluation process. Each team's participation in the program is voluntary. The program is designed to foster a culture of quality improvement. The information gathered and the reports provided are intended for internal quality improvement purposes only; there is no benchmarking or reporting to external organisations.

A 2013 COSA poster presentation related to this topic is below in related documents.

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