Multidisciplinary Care

Multidisciplinary care occurs when professionals from a range of disciplines with different but complementary skills, knowledge and experience work together to provide the best available treatment for an individual patient aimed at providing the optimal outcome. Multidisciplinary treatment planning meetings have been established to plan individual treatment approaches to patients in response to the increasing complexity and specialization of cancer care.

A multidisciplinary meeting (MDM) is a regularly scheduled meeting of core and invited team members for the purpose of prospective treatment planning of newly diagnosed cancer patients as well as those requiring review of treatment plans or palliative care. A growing trend is to have team members from two or more health services join for the purposes of multidisciplinary treatment planning meetings via electronic links. Evidence has shown that an integrated team approach to cancer care where healthcare professionals come together to discuss and recommend treatment options for individual patients can reduce mortality and improve quality of life..

Multidisciplinary meetings convened in the north eastern region are listed by health service. Click on the link to each health service page for current meeting dates, times and locations.





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