A network approach to lymphoma clinical trials:

a demonstration project for NEMICS

Project background

To facilitate effective clinical trial recruitment, collaborative efforts and a uniform treatment approach across multiple institutions is necessary.  The ultimate aim of this project is to improve access to clinical trials for lymphoma patients and increase the number of patients participating in trials within the NEMICS health services.  This project will also present an opportunity to improve our understanding of issues and enablers in clinical trials infrastructure that relate to the management of lymphoma clinical trials.  Whilst the focus is on lymphoma, outcomes and lessons learnt from this project could have a broader application to both the organization of clinical trials for other tumour types and the role of the cancer network in this space.  

Project objectives
  1. Investigate opportunities to create a collaborative model for planning and running lymphoma clinical trials in the NEMICS region
  2. Build Lymphoma MDM capacity at Eastern Health (EH)
  3. Develop and implement a plan for optimising recruitment to lymphoma clinical trials within NEMICS

This two year project led by Dr Eliza Hawkes, Medical Oncologist at Eastern and Austin Health, commenced in August 2014.  The project fund holder is Eastern Health.

For more information please contact:
Mirela Matthews
Quality and Projects Manager

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