My Cancer Care Record is a resource that helps people affected by cancer (patients, carers, families and support people) to manage the information related to their care and treatment.  

It provides tips on questions and information to ask
health professionals.  It can also assist you to record specific details that you may be frequently asked and
find hard to remember.

MY CANCER CARE RECORD is not connected with, associated with, or endorsed by the Australian Government, The Australian Digital Health Agency or the My Health Record system.  Should you wish to register for a My Health Record or find out more about the My Health Record system, you can find this at htttp://

The folder is aimed at helping with issues related to managing information when you have multiple treatments provided by multiple people, across different services and over long periods 
of time.   It can assist you to be able to communicate across the variety of health care professionals involved in your care.

My Cancer Care Record can also help the clinicians working with you.   It can provide easy access to information they often require such as:

  • copies of your test results and letters from other hospitals/doctors
  • current medication, medical and family history, current treatment schedules
  • details of side effects and symptoms you might have had since your last appointment
  • contact details of other clinicians involved in your care

The folder has nine key sections to help you organise your medical information.

Click on the links below to find information/pages relating to the different sections of the My Cancer Care Record folder.  
You can print any extra pages you need.   
You also have the option of filling in the pages electronically and saving these on your own computer.  

Health Summary Medication Contacts





The development of My Cancer Care Record has been led by a very dedicated consumer group – people with their own personal experience of cancer.  Clinical expertise has been provided by health care professionals across a variety of cancer health care services, including Cancer Council Victoria.

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