NEMICS Oncology Patient Experience Surveys

There is growing interest in Australia and across the world in using the patient experience to identify and inform service issues and to guide quality improvement initiatives.

In collaboration with clinicians and consumers, NEMICS is currently developing a suite of oncology patient experience surveys specific to the points of care an oncology patients will cross when receiving their treatment.  These include day oncology, oncology inpatient wards, radiotherapy and specialist clinics.  This will enable a standard and routine system of collecting and reporting patient’s experience of oncology services in NEMICS public and private hospitals.

These surveys will be developed using tablet technology that will enable participants to complete the survey while they are at the hospital or service.  This will provide an opportunity to understand how care is being delivered, from those experiencing the care during the time it is received.

For further information contact:
Melissa Shand
Project Lead
Ph 9496 3831

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