Victorian Tumour Stream Summits

Read the latest summit updates:
* Oesophagogastric Summit Newsletter - July 2017
* Prostate Summit Newsletter - June 2017 - PSA testing guidelines for primary care

Data - dialogue - agreement - action

Following a successful pilot of three summits, Victorian Integrated Cancer Services will continue with a program of meetings for other tumour streams.

The summits are an initiative of the Victorian Integrated Cancer Services, delivered in collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services and Cancer Council Victoria's Clinical Network.  The summits are opportunities to scale up innovation and clinician engagement in the cancer reform agenda.  Three summits - colorectal, lung and lymphoma - were held in 2014/15 gathering a total of 192 participants.  Two summits with a focus on prostate and oesophagogastric cancers are planned for 2016.

These tumour specific summits provided a forum where clinicians review the available data and prioritise short-term actions to improve clinical outcomes for each tumour stream.  This clinician-led program provides a consistent approach to improving cancer care and outcomes across the state.  Read more in About the Initiative.

To find out more about the summits held, refer to the below links:

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