Victorian Tumour Summits

Data - dialogue - agreement - action

Victorian Tumour Summits are clinician led forums to identify unwarranted variations in tumour based clinical practice and cancer outcomes that could be addressed through state-wide action.

Multidisciplinary tumour stream specific clinical working parties are formed to guide the planning of each Summit, oversee data analysis and presentation and guide the refinement of recommendations.

The clinical working parties comprise medical/surgical clinicians based in metropolitan and rural/regional settings.

This is an initiative of the Victorian Integrated Cancer Services delivered in collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services – Cancer Strategy Development (DHHS – CSD) and Cancer Council Victoria – Clinical Network (CCV- CN).

This program facilitates state-wide clinical dialogue about the pathways of care and is one of the strategies to support consistent implementation of Optimal Care Pathways (OCP).

To find out more about the summits, refer to the links below:

Steering Committee:
Dr. Peter Briggs
Ms. Kathryn Whitfield
Prof. Jeremy Millar
A/Prof. Paul Mitchell
Ms. Katherine Simons
Prof. Jeff Szer
Dr. Sachin Joshi
Dr. Craig Underhill
 Ms. Marita Reed   
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