The purpose of the optimal care pathways (OCPs) is to improve patient outcomes by facilitating consistent and evidence-based care for each cancer type. They reflect the fact that people affected by cancer experience the cancer journey across the whole health system and that they need to receive services in an appropriate and coordinated manner.

Work to more closely align the care experienced by the patient with the OCP will cover a broad field. Some projects are being done within the NEMICS region and some in collaboration with one or all of the other Integrated Cancer Services.

This work will include an analysis of the current patterns of care using a combination of data from available sources such as the VAED and VCR, and targeted clinical audits. This process in consultation with clinical leaders will inform us about unwarranted variation in care and help to prioritse service improvement efforts. Work has started on the ovarian cancer and lung cancer pathways.  

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services commissioned the Cancer Council Victoria to review the Optimal Care Pathways. They will be adopted nationally.

For further information about this program area contact Carmel Vermeltfoort 

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